In 1973, FabricAir Inc. of Lawrenceville, Georgia installed the world’s first fabric ducting system, introducing new practices into the HVAC duct industry and transforming indoor climate control. Forty-five years later, the company is innovating and expanding now more than ever. 

Recently, FabricAir launcheda new R&D AirLab, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis service, and state-of-the-art enhancements to its laser-cutting technology. A world leader in fabric duct, its U.S. operation is one of 11 international subsidiaries.

“We foresee FabricAir growing exponentially another 45 years and beyond while also remaining a worldwide leader in fabric HVAC duct innovation,” says Brian Refsgaard, CEO, FabricAir.

The first modern fabric duct was developed and installed in a slaughterhouse in 1973 by FabricAir’s precursor, Denmark-based IPS Dansk Presenning A/S, a company in the Eletrolux Group. The early fabric duct model designs successfully provided a safer environment for employees and more sanitary production lines by preventing condensation accumulation, corrosion and industrial hygienic challenges associated with food processing and conventional metal HVAC duct.

FabricAir entered the North American market in 1989, leading the company beyond refrigeration and into several HVAC applications. 

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