After President Trump announced that he single-handedly saved the domestic steel industry, U.S. Steel — which is largely considered to be the face of the domestic steel industry — is laying off about 200 workers from a plant in Ecorse, Michigan. 

In a memo, the plant says the layoffs are expected to be temporary, not permanent. However, layoffs are likely to continue "periodically" at the plant location under current market conditions. No word on the details of what those current market conditions could be, but it could have something to do with a looming trade war with China and the artificial demand for domestic steel President Trump created by implementing steel tariffs

According to the memo, the layoffs at US Steel are expected to affect nearly every area of the facility, but the company is unable to point to a "single event" for the cause of the layoffs. On another note, US Steel is hiring for positions in Indiana, Texas and Pennsylvania.