If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

That type of thinking might apply to many aspects of the HVAC construction and installation industry. Yet, I think we all can agree, job sites aren’t one of them. During many recent visits with HVAC contractors around the country, I’ve learned as much. I’ve also learned that even the smallest job sites can have their uncertainties.

Our employees — the tools we use, the machines we trust, the products we love — are all moving parts in our pursuit to overcome uncertainties on the job and deliver a job well done. In various ways, we highlight the ebbs and flows of that pursuit in every issue of SNIPS magazine. But in realizing the wealth of technical knowledge that can be gleaned from some of the best contractors in the biz, we decided that we need to do something more.

This year, SNIPS will name its first-ever Contractor of the Year — a peer-reviewed award available to HVAC construction and sheet metal contractors whose cumulative projects exemplify innovation and excellence in the skilled trades.

Is that you? We’ve assembled a top-notch selection committee to find out!

The winning contractor will be announced on the cover of our December 2019 issue with a splashy feature spread inside, among other commendations. Please visit SNIPSmag.com and select Contractor of the Year under the magazine tab to submit your company for consideration.

With so much in our industry left up to uncertainty, “brand recognition” is a term we often use to explain our sometimes blinding commitment to the familiar — why we buy the same HVAC products even when we know there are other brands offering more.

That type of thinking can sometimes extend to the work we do — why we bid the same jobs even when we know there are other jobs available that may be outside of our comfort zones. It gets the job done when we are trying to maintain our businesses. But if you are a contractor looking to grow, comfort can be a crutch.

Our Contractor of the Year award celebrates you, your company’s growth, and all the journeys in between. Because in the end, it’s the uncertainty of our industry that really drives the best of us to innovate. It isn’t comfortable, but we come to work anyway. 

Emell Derra Adolphus