Johns Manville's recently released Microlite Black PSK  formaldehyde-free duct wrap insulation is a lightweight, highly resilient, blanket-type thermal insulation. The insulation blanket is manufactured from rotary-process fiberglass bonded with a Formaldehyde-free resin.

The Microlite Black PSK formaldehyde-free insulation is available in a variety of densities, thicknesses and roll lengths. It is supplied with a Black PSK (polypropylene-scrim-kraft) vapor barrier facing to meet installed performance requirements, with a 2" (51 mm) stapling tab. Microlite Black PSK comes 48” (1219 mm) wide.

The insulation is recommended as thermal insulation for the exterior of HVAC systems or other spaces or surfaces where temperature control is required. Great aesthetics and superior cleanability can make Black PSK an ideal choice for specifications.