Majestic Steel recently unveiled the 5.0 version of its Unravel flat-rolled steel calculator app. The app gives the user the ability to verify steel coil and sheet specs, calculate the weight of a steel coil without a scale, convert gauges to decimals instantly and find the number of sheets in a bundle.

What's more, users can convert easily between imperial and metric units for both coil and sheet measurements and input the cost per CWT to compare prices. Unravel works for coated and uncoated steel.

Updates to the app include the ability to switch between actual and theoretical nom weight. Users can also quickly view gauge references without having to go into the app. 

Majestic Steel Unravel Interface

Greater decimal range with support for less than 1.0 and shortcuts allow users to launch directly into the screen they want. Also, spotlight indexing allows the searching for steel terms directly (iOS).  

The app is available on Google Play or in the Apple App Store