When it comes to damper systems, Greenheck is unmatched for its wide-ranging catalogue of air control, life safety, commercial and industrial products. Here are just a few selections from their line, what they do, and what they mean for air movement.

Greenheck’s Remote Balancing Dampers (Model RBD-15) are constructed from heavy gauge galvanized steel and rated for pressure differential up to 4 in. wg. and velocities up to 2,000 fpm. Remote balancing dampers are ideal for applications where it is difficult to gain access to manually adjust the damper for balance and airflow.


A newer release from Greenheck, this Automatic Balancing Damper maintains a constant airflow by adjusting to changes in system pressure. Designed for use in both supply and exhaust applications, the ABD’s damper blade automatically adjusts position to account for changing pressures in the duct work. Over 20 cfm set points allow for easy field adjustment without the use of any additional tools. Also, the damper can be installed directly into round duct work without the need for any fasteners or use of any adhesive.

Constructed of antimicrobial plastic to inhibit microbial growth, the damper is UL2043 classified for flame spread and smoke development.


Greenheck’s HB Series of Heavy Duty Industrial Backdraft Dampers includes the recently released HBR-150, a round industrial backdraft damper with a flanged-style frame. The HBR-150 is rated for velocities up to 4000 fpm and back pressures up to 6 in. wg. Backdraft dampers are designed to allow airflow in one direction and prevent reverse airflow. Greenheck’s HB Series dampers feature counterbalance weights that are mounted externally for easy adjustment and balancing in the field. HB Series dampers are recommended for low temperature, clean air applications such as in blower outlets, branch duct isolation and industrial process isolation.


Greenheck’s EM-30 Backdraft Damper series was recently AMCA Licensed for Air Leakage and Air Performance. Designed to open by air pressure differential and close by gravity, backdraft dampers can be used as exhaust or intake dampers. The EM-30 is a vertical-mount horizontal airflow backdraft damper for pressures up to 10 in. wg and velocities up to 3500 fpm. Greenheck EM-30 series backdraft dampers comply with the energy code requirements in ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

Angle Installation Method


Greenheck’s recently UL-approved, three-sided retaining angle installation method for fire and combination fire smoke dampers is ideal for installations where the damper sleeve is tight up against a wall, floor, or other obstruction with no room for a retaining angle on one side.

The installation does not require the use of any firestop material, while other three-sided angle installation methods require fire stop material to be applied to a specified minimum thickness on the side of the damper without the retaining angle. With Greenheck’s three-sided angle installation method, fasteners are run from inside the damper into the wall opening on the side without the retaining angle. This makes for a faster, cleaner and more cost effective installation, according to Greenheck.

This story originally appeared in the June 2019 issue of SNIPS magazine.