For many general contractors, the right field management software can mean more manpower, less paperwork, and ultimately more money. Raken's field service mobile app puts that power at the user's fingertips. Billed as a "digital toolbox," connecting the field to the office through daily reports, time cards, photo management, Raken promises to streamline field reporting everyone can get it in, get it done and get home.

Wanting to know more, we called up Evan Barry, director of marketing at Raken, to walk us through how to management a job site from a mobile device. 

What separates Raken from other field management software?

The number one thing that separates Raken from other field management services is its ease-of-use. Raken was built to be "mobile-first," meaning we've optimized our user experience to make it as simple as possible to use by superintendents and foremen on the job site. By building a field management mobile app to handle your daily reports, time cards, and other field workflows, we allow construction companies to collect data directly on the job site where the activity is happening, meaning our reports are accurate, timely, and easy to create.

Is Raken geared toward only general contractors? Can jobs be too small to use Raken?

Raken is geared towards both residential and commercial general contractors and subcontractors. From top ENR general contractors to small specialty subcontractors, Raken helps make construction companies more efficient.

Is there a feature in the app that manages safety precautions?

Within the app, users can customize a survey that field workers can answer throughout the day as part of their required daily report. This survey can include safety questions such as, did any accidents occur onsite? Or, did you perform safety orientation for new subcontractors today? Additionally, on Raken's dashboard, users can see a safety report that highlights the number of incidents by project across all of your projects. Finally, if a safety incident occurs onsite, you can opt-in to receive real-time notifications of the incident.

Since we understand that safety is an important workflow used daily in the field, we're looking to launch additional safety features in the near future.

By using this app, how much waste could a contractor eliminate?

The number one waste that Raken can help eliminate is paper. On a typical job site, superintendents create and collect a handful of paper reports on a daily basis. These often have to be collated into additional paper documents to make sure they all follow the same format. You can imagine how much paper a multi-million dollar project with hundreds of workers produces on a daily basis just with daily reports and time cards alone. Raken's app replaces all of that.