Earlier this year, Jim Dixon was named ECCO Supply's sales engineer, a new position for the company that Dixon plans to secure with success. Dixon is a professional engineer with more than 30 years of experience working in the HVAC industry. Working as a consulting engineer, an account manager for a global HVAC company, and most recently as the general manager and partner of an HVAC Sales Agency, Dixon is more than experienced when it comes to HVAC problem solving. 

As Dixon settles into his new role, he's made "building stronger relationships" a top priority among ECCO's partnerts, which includes engineers, architects, HVAC contractors, building owners and manufacturers.

On building relationships

"One of my first priorities is to meet with our customers and understand how the ECCO Supply team and our manufacturing partners can help them achieve their goals. I want to build great relationships with ECCO Supply’s customers, manufacturing partners and the ECCO Supply team. Becoming a technical expert is another priority, as a sales engineer I’ll be helping consulting engineers with product selections and specifications. They can rely on my help to be accurate and timely.

On building the framework for a new role

"The sales engineer position is a newly created role for the Calgary and surrounding area’s market and I felt that it would be a fun and challenging role, especially starting at the ground level. ECCO is a company with deep roots in Western Canada, and I knew them to be a solid and reputable 'customer service first' organization. As a person born and raised, educated and worked my entire career in Western Canada, working with the ECCO team seemed a natural fit."

On supporting ECCO Supply's mission 

"I think ECCO’s role in the larger framework of the HVAC business is to help our customers achieve their goals. One of the common goals of end users, owners, architects, engineers, and contractors is to reduce energy usage in buildings. ECCO Supply has teamed with manufacturers who are designing and manufacturing leading edge energy recovery technologies and the ECCO Supply team and I will be helping in the pursuit of that goal by supplying highly energy efficient HVAC technologies to buildings across Western Canada, Ontario and The Territories."