The perfect vacuum pump shouldn’t boil down to price. It’s about precision. And the easier it is for your HVAC techs to complete their calls, the happier everyone will be. New pumps come cordless, are mobile pairing friendly, and are built with busy HVAC techs in mind.

Hilmor vacuum pump

When Hilmor introduced its 12 CFM Brushless Vac-uum Pump this year, the standout feature for many HVAC techs was its carrying strap to help with the pump’s 25.5 lbs. As for its construction, the front of the pump where the oil is stored is sloped down-wards, creating a natural path for oil to drain faster. An oversized sight glass allows oil to be checked easier and an oversized oil fi ll port makes pouring in new oil easier. It reportedly takes 38 minutes to pull the vacuum to 50 microns – average time of three pumps each using a 50 lb. refrigerant recovery tank.

CPS vacuum pump

Showcased at this year’s AHR show, the Pro-Set VP15W by CPS weighs in at 26 lbs and includes an efficient 1 HP DC smart motor in an “ignition proof” package. The VP15W can be operated conventionally or be paired to a mobile device running the CPS Link app. Its wireless capability enables technicians to specify time and vacuum values to automate service routines via the built-in solenoid valve. Techs can also log, view or e-mail data, run times and other job site information to others.

Navac vacuum pump

As a lightweight (6.6 lbs) and compact, cordless vac-uum pump, the NP2DLM Cordless Vacuum Pump by Navac (2 CFM) is built to suit servicing small HVAC systems, such as mini-splits, PTACs and other domes-tic refrigeration appliances. Lithium batteries allow for continuous pumping for up to 1 hour and a smart motor drives fast evacuation. Lastly, a dual stage sys-tem delivers ultimate vacuum down to 23 microns.