During the 1920s and 1930s, the workforce in this factory grew to approximately 1,400 people. During those days, the labor needed to roll cigars was generally tedious and repetitive. Management often tried to appeal to workers with accommodations that would provide a sense of employer benevolence, such as an assembly or meeting room, a piano and a kitchen. 

Today, this historic building is being renovated to become premier retail and office space. Much of the character of the original building is being maintained. However, the HVAC system is brand new, and will remain exposed and is designed to make the visitors and employees in this building feel like they are shopping and working in one of Charleston’s most contemporary spaces. 

Ductwork is protected from debris with a blue removable seal

TurnKey Duct Systems of Garner, North Carolina, is providing the ductwork to Thompson Contracting. TurnKey Duct is being represented in the Carolinas by Faulkner-Haynes & Associates.

Double wall

The ductwork is all double-wall HVAC construction, and has a paint-grip finish on the outer shell. TurnKey took on as much responsibility as possible in the shop to make installation time quick for Thompson. The double wall was supplied with dampers, double/single wall adaptors, and saddle taps all factory-installed. 

The duct sizes ranged from 6-inches diameter round to 81/24-inch diameter flat oval. TurnKey also provided the rectangular duct on the project to allow the contractor to better coordinate the installation by floor and by system. 

A size comparison of ductowork

TurnKey Duct says it is one of few manufacturers who have the ability to provide this range of products, and builds much of its business based on this capacity.

The coordination is a major part of handling a project of this size. Manufacturer’s representatives such as Bryan Summerford of Faulkner-Haynes assisted the manufacturer and the contractor. With the rep working as a conduit between the contractor’s project manager and TurnKey’s computer-aided drafting and order-entry specialist, there were no surprises at the factory or at the jobsite. 

Good-looking duct products provided by Turnkey Duct Systems. An excellent installation provided by a skilled contracting team.  Professionalism shown by a manufacturer representative who knew the project, his customer and his manufacturer’s expectations.  All these things together equal a job well done, officials said. 

This article originally appeared in the January 2015 issue of SNIPS magazine. This article and its images were supplied by TurnKey Duct Systems