The new ‘Spider’ hanger kit by Gripple is an all-in-one concrete insert that holds 3,000 pounds and eliminates the need for pour-in-place devices.

Suitable for use in both metal deck and wood form construction, Spider is installed prior to concrete pour and cast-in-place providing a universal solution suitable for a wide range of threaded rod and cable hanger sizes.

A lower profile than alternative products reduces the chance of damage and a generous maximum load weight of 3000 lbs makes it suitable for services such as lighting but strong enough for more heavy-duty modules. 

“Spider can be used across all trades, explains Dan Desler, marketing director for Gripple. "A simple colour-coding system makes it easy to identify where each service is to be located and having a universal product that fits multiple weights and suspension methods makes it a much faster method than traditional cable hanger kits.”

The Spider allow services to be hung after its initial installation giving the versatility to easily increase weight with additional tiers of services and the universal design gives the freedom to introduce rod and cable of different sizes after fitting. This latest model is also resistant to vibration so pipeline and HVAC services remain secure and stable.

Desler adds: “In tests we drove a three-tonne truck over a Spider and found that the device reverted straight back to its original form and was in no way compromised so we’re truly confident we have a really robust, time-saving idea in the power of one easy and simple to handle product.”

Additionally, a range of add-ons and accessories have also been developed for use in conjunction with Spider including end fixings with swivel toggle technology supplied in ready-to-use kits, adapters that allow rod sizes to be decided post-concrete pour, extension tubes and a wood form installation tool that halves installation time of Spider by securing both nails at once.