Each year at AHR, Mestek Machinery celebrates a distributor who has surpassed expectations in the areas of performance, service, support and sales. This year that distinction was awarded to NB Handy.

“They had over five million dollars in sales of Mestek brand equipment, which far exceeded any other distributor in 2018,” says Mike Bailey, vice president of sales at Mestek. “They are one of the few distributors out in the country that have a separate P&L department that’s dedicated to just machines, and parts, and they have their own technicians to support what we’re doing as well. That’s a big deal. So you combine the two and its pretty easy to tell who the number one distributor was in 2018.”

As a family-owned company with more than 125 years in the wholesale distribution of HVAC, metals, commercial roofing and machinery products, NB Handy's close relationship with manufacturers helps them better understand and sell their product offerings, explains Andy Shivell, a machinery sales specialist at NB Handy. 

When it comes to Mestek, the brand sells itself. 

"Mestek does sell itself," says Shivell. "The brands that NB Handy carries on the machinery side of things are typically the Cadillac, Mercedes lines of equipment. They are considered the higher tier of equipment that is made for this industry. With Mike Bailey's relationship with us over the years, it fits well. He understands the company."