China is hitting a slew of U.S. exports with new taxes ranging from 15 to 25 percent as payback for the tariffs the Trump administration has imposed on Chinese steel and aluminum.

Beijing officials released the list of products Sunday, which range from wine to cashews, cranberries and stainless steel pipes and other products used in drilling and construction.

A Twitter post from the Chinese government-controlled English language newspaper the People’s Daily said the tariffs were a direct result of the U.S. decision to charge a 25 percent import tax on Chinese steel and 10 percent on aluminum.

President Donald Trump announced the metal tariffs March 1. He originally said the tariffs would apply to all countries’ imports, but the White House has since agreed to exempt Canada, Mexico, the European Union and a number of U.S. allies. With China, however, the president has said he intends to impose additional tariffs on $60 billion in other Chinese imports, saying the country permits the widespread theft of U.S. intellectual property.