Two hundred window air conditioners are to be shipped Friday to Rockport, Texas, a community hard hit by Hurricane Harvey.

The units are courtesy of Friedrich Air Conditioning Co., and are being shipped to the city’s volunteer fire department, where they will be used cool shelters that are packed with storm victims who have lost their homes.

“The destruction is unfathomable and the community desperately needs help, so we’re doing everything we can to keep our local emergency responders in the area,” said Gillian Tate, a volunteer firefighter. “Those of us that still have homes standing in the area must get them up and running as soon as possible with water, showers, and air conditioning, to provide adequate shelter for our emergency responders so they can continue to provide assistance and support for so many here who need it.”

Friedrich responded to a request for air conditioners by Tate that was posted on the fire department’s Facebook page.

“Friedrich contacted us and asked, ‘Tell us what you need,’” Tate said. “I said we have an urgent need for 50 A/C units, but we could really use 200. They said, ‘Consider it done.’”

Since mail service is limited due to the hurricane, employees of San Antonio-based Friedrich are making the 175-mile journey themselves.

“With a nearly 140-year history in Texas and so many strong ties to these communities, we are grateful to be able to lend a hand and hope that it will provide some relief to those who are suffering so much right now,” said Friedrich CEO Chuck Campbell.

More information on how to help is on the fire department’s Facebook page.