ASHRAE has announced the technical program for its Building Performance Analysis Conference, which takes place Sept. 27-29 at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center.

“Our goal is to serve practitioners by providing the most up-to-date best practices, work flows and processes required to plan, design, construct and operate high performing, low energy-consuming buildings that are environmentally responsive and responsible, safe, secure and healthy for human occupancy,” said conference chairman Dennis Knight.

This year’s technical program includes 16 sessions and 41 presentations on topics such as energy models in the integrated design process, lessons learned from modeled net-zero energy building projects, integrating the HVAC engineering workflow into the building information modeling work environment, and best practices in the HVAC load analysis, among others.

“This conference engages the design aspect of modeling and simulation,” Knight said. “The topics address the work of HVAC engineers, architects and other building design professionals who rely on simulation and modeling tools to perform their day-to-day work and meet their standard of care.”

The conference also features the society’s third annual LowDown Showdown Modeling Competition, where participating teams will be challenged with improving the efficiency of a real building constructed in the 1970s.

“Real buildings present the challenges we aspire to conquer: excessive energy, badly managed controls and occupant behavior anomalies,” said Annie Marston, chairwoman of the 2017 compeitition committee. “These are the puzzles we enjoy solving. Our mission is accomplished, and we are personally fulfilled when we can help a client reduce their energy bill significantly while making their environment more comfortable.”

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