Illinois-based duct cleaning equipment manufacturer Meyer Machine Supply and Equipment is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017.

The company was established April 2, 1992, by Jim Meyer and Jan “Merk” Mrknonich. Today, it offers seven power vacuums and lots of other equipment for air duct cleaning companies. Meyer also offers product training and dryer vent cleaning. Officials said it has added 250 items in just the past decade.

The company’s flagship product is the General, a portable air duct cleaning vacuum. To mark the silver anniversary, Meyer is bringing a special silver edition General to industry events.

"The vacuums that we're producing today pack in loads of value that didn't even exist 25 years ago,” said Meyer Machine Vice President Jimmy Meyer. “The Kohler engine is, hands-down, the best power plant for this application, providing years, sometimes decades of useful life.  Our fabricating processes have improved. The General looks more sexy and professional, and advances in production technology allow us to produce and sell the vacuum for almost 20 percent less than the original price of $5,500.”

Mayer Machine has vastly expanded its product lineup compared with 25 years ago, Meyer said.

“We're able to provide more value to our customers that are going into homes and business places providing cleaning and property improvement services,” he added.