A two-story, 3,000-square-foot office building in Wellsville, Utah, now has an updated look after installing two different insulated metal panels from Metl-Span. 

Sharp Trucking had its employees in two separate buildings, which the company had outgrown, and hired Logan, Utah-based Lundahl Building to assist with getting a new space ready.

“They were in a very old building and were really crammed in there,” said Jason Lundahl, project manager at Lundahl Building. “They actually consolidated another office into the new one, and the owner is very, very happy with everything.”

Lundahl said he suggested insulated metal panels to the owner, who was sold on its strong and sleek look.

“We were looking for a project calling for the installation of horizontal panels,” he said. “We had recently sent our guys to be trained on the installation of horizontal panels. Sharp Trucking liked the idea and the eventual look. They were pleased with the idea of using an insulated metal panel to help with the building’s energy efficiency.  They know there will be a quicker return on the investment from the savings in heating and cooling costs.”

Metl-Span’s CF36 horizontal wall panels were installed on the outside face of the building in silver metallic. The company’s CF24 panels were installed horizontally in line with the windows on both floors in dark grey metallic. Both panels are 3-inch thick urethane with a 22-guage architectural flat surface on the outside and 26-guage light mesa finish in igloo white with standard gloss on the inside.

“We push insulated metal panels all the time versus single-skin panel and soft installation,” Lundahl said. “We’ve installed IMPs on numerous plants and other projects. The energy efficiency and the clean look on the inside — with no visible insulation — are always selling points.”