Superior Boiler Works Inc. recently marked a thousand days in a row without a lost-time accident.

Employees were treated to a BBQ to mark the achievement.

“This is a significant milestone for any manufacturer,” said Superior Boiler Works CEO Doug Wright. “I’m extremely proud of the accomplishment for our company because it takes all employees being focused on the overall safety objective to make it work and be successful. It doesn’t happen without making improvements where necessary based upon employee input, focus and attention on details, and hard work.”

The company said it holds regular safety training classes and has an active safety committee.

“We make safety a big priority and our employees understand completely how important it is in our operations,” Wright said. “It helps creates a good, working environment for our employees when they know their input is making a difference. I want to thank those who put in the hard work along the way to get us to this milestone. That would include safety directors, safety committee members, supervisors and all employees. Our philosophy of quality products and exceptional value is coupled with safety for this very reason.”