Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International’s 2016 annual conference, taking place Dec. 3-6 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, will highlight the path to success through the theme “Elevate 16: Commit to the Climb.”

“It would be easy if there were a magic bullet or secret formula that everyone can take with them, implement and enjoy increased success. Success is rarely that easy, though it would certainly be nice,” said Emily Saving, HARDI’s vice president of professional and program development. “The reality is you take what you’ve learned, implement it, you fight off old habits trying to creep in, you convince people to get on board, you convince them to stay on board because they doubt the plan, you convince yourself to stay on board, (and) you adjust the course, but you don’t abandon ship. You keep at it. And only then — after all that hard work and commitment —have you put yourself in a more advantageous position.”

The conference theme will also be supported by three learning tracks: actions, analytics and assets. Aron Ralston, the mountain climber who spent more than five days with his arm wedged between a boulder and the side of a cliff and had his story told in the film "127 Hours," is one of three keynote speakers at the four-day conference.

To register for the conference, visit www.elevate16.com