Uponor Corp. has promoted Tony Radcliff and Rusty Callier to global executive positions at the company.

Radcliff, former vice president of marketing, offerings and engineering for Uponor North America, was recently promoted to vice president of group technology for Uponor Corp., Uponor North America’s parent company, based in Vantaa, Finland. 

“We are confident that Radcliff is the person who can bring strategic insight to guide Uponor to that place of alignment with people, planet and profit in mind, while at the same time enhancing current work flow and successes,” said Fernando Roses, executive vice president of group technology and corporate development at Uponor Corp.

The former director of operations for Uponor North America, Callier has taken on a new role as the director of sustainability and corporate responsibility for Uponor Corp. 

“It’s a sign of the times — companies can’t get by with giving limited time to sustainability and corporate responsibility,” Callier said. “In order to balance the interests of shareholders, stakeholders, the environment and people you employ, there needs to be a message behind sustainability. It needs to be clear, it needs to be communicated and it needs to be practiced.”