HVAC construction company Emcor Services Aircond was recently named Partner of the Year by insurance firm Aflac for its work at the company’s Georgia headquarters.

Aircond was recognized for implementation and management of a building automation system that increased efficiency of HVAC, lighting systems, operations and scheduling across Aflac’s 1 million-square-foot corporate campus in Columbus, Georgia.

“It’s indeed an honor that Emcor Services Aircond has been named Aflac Partner of the Year,” said Aircond President Kelly Cutchins. “Aircond looks forward to continuing to upgrade the facilities of our valued client to enable Aflac to realize even greater energy efficiencies in the years to come.”

Aircond’s on-site technicians provide constant monitoring of electricity usage, enabling Aflac to take steps to reduce demand during periods of higher utility rates. The company was also recognized for reaching a 70 percent reduction in the number of customer temperature complaint calls and saving the facility 1.7 million kilowatt hours and over $190,000 in 2015.