Berner International Corp. now offers the Berner Air Curtain Energy Savings Calculator, an online energy savings estimation tool accessible by any Web browser for quick payback calculations on air curtain selection. 

The calculator incorporates air curtain selection and return-on-investment calculations, so users can get energy savings, a payback in years and an air curtain model choice, all automatically calculated and saved to a URL for subsequent visits, sharing with colleagues or making client presentations. Each calculation allows for the comparison of two or more Berner air curtain models’ effectiveness ratings and return-on-investment energy savings for comparative purposes.

The program allows users to input door dimensions, use times, local energy rates and other data. Users can choose between national weather data and associated utility rates or manually enter their own weather data. Users can also manually select an air curtain model or use the embedded air curtain selector program.

“When a door opens, air curtains protect indoor spaces from outside temperatures, resulting in both occupant comfort and energy savings,” said Miranda Berner, marketing director at Berner International. “We’re excited to reintroduce this enhanced tool to illustrate that story.”