Although the election is over 10 months away, the Sheet Metal Workers union has already picked its candidate for president: Hillary Clinton.

International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers General President Joseph Sellers Jr. announced the HVAC construction union’s pick Wednesday, ahead of the first caucuses in Iowa and primary in New Hampshire. He said Clinton’s support for working families, experience and leadership made the difference in the union’s decision.

“She has the real-world experience and dedication that makes her the right candidate to serve the interests of America’s working families in these turbulent times,” Sellers said. “Secretary Clinton’s plans are detailed and well-reasoned. On the economy, she will build on our apprenticeship and training programs, expand and improve freight transportation and transit and address environmental concerns with investments in energy efficiency. All of these involve jobs that members earn their living in every day.”

The union also selected Clinton in her 2008 primary battle against then-Sen. Barack Obama.