Featuring solar panels, tankless water heaters, green HVAC and other energy-efficient designs, the National Association of Home Builders says its 2016 New American Home is a showcase for the latest in construction technology.

Built in Henderson, Nevada, the house is part of the NAHB’s International Builders Show, now under way at the Las Vegas Convention Center through Thursday.

The 5,200-square-foot house has an “emerald” rating from the International Code Council’s National Green Building Standard. Additional sustainable technologies include hydronic HVAC construction air handlers, an irrigation system that automatically adjusts to weather conditions and “intelligent” fireplaces to supplement the green HVAC design.

"This is the 33rd New American Home that's been built, and with each one, the quality, design and efficiency is even more impressive than the last," said NAHB Chairman Tom Woods, a home builder from Blue Springs, Mo. "The New American Home isn't simply an annual exhibit of new building products. It is built to inspire and encourage innovation throughout the building industry."

Josh Anderson, owner of Element Design Build, said the house incorporates technologies that many homeowners can use in their dwellings.

"Building a home of this scale, we've incorporated all of the latest in design trends and construction science technology," said Josh Anderson, owner of Element Design Build. "There are a lot of exciting elements regarding the home's efficiency that appeal to builders and buyers alike. Many of these performance products are universal and can be used in homes across the country, regardless of the type of home being built."