HVAC market firm Fresh-Aire UV has created a corporate advisory board to create market strategies and future product development based on indoor air quality standards. 

The new board will include William P. Bahnfleth, director of the Indoor Environment Center at Pennsylvania State University and a former president of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers; Thomas D. Anspach, president of Anspach Ideas LLC, a Jupiter, Florida-based freelance consulting engineering firm; Cameron Perkins, vice president of marketing and vendor relations at the Ware Group; Chris Willette, Fresh-Aire UV’s president/founder and a patent-pending holder of several ultraviolet-related IAQ products; and Ron Saunders, vice president and co-founder of Fresh-Aire UV.  

Board goals will include developing sales and marketing strategies based on the industry impact of ASHRAE’s new position paper on filtration and air cleaning. The advisory board will also develop a business plan for Fresh-Aire UV’s newly acquired ASHRAE-certified test chamber, which is one of only a few privately owned rigs of its kind in the world, according to Saunders.

 “We have purposely created a diverse advisory board representing academia, manufacturing, HVAC wholesale/retail and product development, to propel the free flow of ideas that are both visionary and feasible from a practical marketing standpoint,” Willette said. 

The advisory board is expected to maintain Fresh-Aire UV’s market position in air purification, officials added.

 “There’s no question Fresh-Aire UV will continue to lead the IAQ industry in the future as they have technology currently being patented and in the development stage right now that is second to none,” Anspach said.