Emerson’s innovation center will feature multiple HVAC market systems for testing and evaluating building controls and HVAC market technology, the company says.

Currently under construction at the University of Dayton, Ohio, the 40,000 square-foot center will be a lab for commercial building controls and green HVAC technology.  

 “There are a number of new regulations on the horizon that affect commercial HVAC systems,” said Shane Angle, vice president and general manager of commercial at Emerson Climate Technologies. “This facility will give us a way to evaluate how modulating systems and controls can work to maximize efficiency and comfort while testing in a real-world environment.”

Initially, the center, also called "the Helix," will feature a 50-ton rooftop unit, a separate 20-ton rooftop unit and a variable-refrigerant-flow system, along with Emerson building controls. For easy testing and evaluation, the facility will have visible sheet metal works ductwork and a station where building metrics from electronic monitors and building controls can be easily accessed, officials said.

“This is a unique opportunity for us to collaborate with our industry partners to evaluate comfort and efficiency in a commercial building,” said Emerson Vice President Rajan Rajendran. “One of the exciting things about working in the Helix is that we can look at settings like an office, a supermarket and a restaurant all in the same facility and share what we learn across those environments.”