Even if you live in sunny southern Florida, there are still some things to consider when running your furnace this winter, a Tampa-based HVAC market company wants homeowners to know.

Florida weather means both heat and air conditioning can be in use, even in the same day. But constantly switching can really boost electricity bills, says Gary Simpson of Simpson Air.

“Nobody should have to sacrifice a large portion of their hard-earned paycheck to stay comfortable in their home,” Simpson of Simpson Air said. “It’s unfortunate that so many people just don’t realize how easy it can be to significantly lower their electricity bills.”

Among his tips:

•Keep your thermostat at your ideal setting consistently. If you have a heat pump, adjust the thermostat in small increments to keep the heat strip off.

•Switch your fan setting to “auto.” Leaving the fan on full time can add energy costs.

•Install a thermostat on an inside wall away from windows.

•Clean or replace your HVAC market filters monthly. Dirty filters can waste energy and encourage mold growth within the HVAC construction ductwork.

•Use ceiling fans.