A company that produces a pricing system for the HVAC construction industry will hold a two-day training course in Los Angeles next month.

The course, hosted by The New Flate Rate, takes place Nov. 17 and 18, and will teach techniques to cover service calls, warranty and sales calls, which will help attendees discover the mindset of their customers, and build confidence in setting prices, organizers say.

“The low-pressure communication styles we teach help to improve outcomes across the board,” said Matt Koop, vice president and senior trainer at The New Flat Rate Training Center. “Techs who hate to sell are able to get high-end results without feeling like salesmen, and salesmen are able to increase closing rations by using a simple approach that speaks directly to how people want to buy in 2015 and beyond.”

New Flat Rate opened its training center Aug. 24 in Dalton, Georgia, and offers instruction and business coaching to HVAC sales technicians and contractors in the HVAC market that are looking to increase profits and reduce loss.

“We teach new-age honesty, integrity and common sense practices that promote bringing the craftsmanship back into the industries, in turn, creating much happier customers and boosting referrals,” said Koop. “We also teach about lowering loss in areas like warranties and call-backs, and strategies our clients can use to grow their businesses. These things combined help our clients work smarter, lessen on-the-job pressure and anxiety, and simply make more money.”

For more information, email info@thenewflatrate.com or call (706) 259-8892.