Marking the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Johnson Controls is reminding building owners and operators on how to prepare for unexpected emergencies.

The global technology and HVAC market company advised building managers to: Develop a hazard assessment plan with a buildings expert to understand what may occur if a process fails and how to remedy a subsequent problem; asses building or campus-wide infrastructure and design, and develop an emergency supply stockpile; consult with building experts to audit your mass notification technologies and resources, and educate your in-house emergency response teams on the latest compliance standards, especially as it relates to building evacuation process and protocol; and to understand, in advance, how you can reach a building expert for rental services such as emergency generators, chillers and packaged equipment.

The company also shared recommendations for cleaning up after a disaster: Avoid entering basements and/or mechanical rooms that contain water; do not try to remove power lines without assistance from the utility provider; wear the correct personal protective equipment and establish a safe zone before cutting or removing debris from trees, siding, chimney bricks, etc.; avoid driving on roads that are water covered, as unseen damage to the understructure of the roads/bridges may exist; move away from the surrounding area of sink holes, as the perimeter of a sink hole is very unstable and may collapse further.