Members of ASHRAE or the IAQA can now join the other group at a reduced price.

Full and associate members of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers can join the Indoor Air Quality Association for $131. IAQA-only members can join the society for $151.

Earlier this year, the IAQA was folded into ASHRAE. The association maintains its own identity, activities and board as part of the society.

 “A joint ASHRAE-IAQA membership will allow the IAQA member to access detailed ASHRAE research and combine this with practical application within the IAQA network,” society President David Underwood said. “We are excited to offer this dual membership program and encourage all interested members to participate.”

Kent Rawhouser, the IAQA’s president, said becoming a member of both groups offers lots of opportunities.

 “The joint IAQA-ASHRAE membership opens great possibilities for both associations to come together and make a real difference for both the public and the industry as a whole,” Rawhouser said.