As U.S. Industry Week ends today, HVAC construction insurance company Zurich North America is reminding contractors and others to avoid falls and accidents.

“Life is far too valuable not to make safety the top priority on jobsites,” said Eric Lambert, national customer solutions director at Zurich North America. “Any single incident is one too many. It’s important for all of us in the industry to take the time to collectively raise the awareness of construction safety.”

Zurich offered HVAC market contractors these tips:

Assess site hazards to determine the appropriate equipment needed for a job.

Invest in proper equipment, ensuring it’s used appropriately and with caution.

Inspect and remove any fall exposures while securing materials so they don’t fall.

Train employees on fall protection and equipment inspection, having accountability in place for ignoring safety precautions.

Document safety-training activities and non-compliance with protocols.

Before starting work, discuss the day’s tasks, required tools and potential hazards.

“Falls from heights are a major concern on construction sites, ranking as the leading cause of death in the industry,” said Scott Rasor, head of Construction at Zurich North America. “More than 200 U.S. construction workers are killed each year from falls. Taking some time to bring safety front and center is important for our industry.”