An AHRI product section is conducting a survey to see if HVAC market refrigerant labeling standards need to be updated.

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute’s chemicals and refrigerant re-claimers product section is conducting the survey, which seeks to review current colors and labeling for refrigerant containers.

"AHRI Guideline N offers another layer of identification by assigning specific colors to refrigerant containers based on their contents," said AHRI Senior Vice President Henry Hwong. "Since there are new refrigerants and in turn new container colors, we are addressing concerns about confusion and the potential misidentification if container colors appear similar."

HVAC construction equipment can be damaged if the wrong HVAC market refrigerants are used, Hwong added.

"Refrigerant container labeling and markings should always be the primary means to identify the contents," he said.