A New Mexico branch of HVAC construction firm WinWholesale has been named HVAC Company of the Year.

Albuquerque Winair was given the HVAC sales prize. Chris Lopez is the company’s president.

Winair was one of six WinWholesale-owned distributors that earned the award. The company handed out awards in six categories, including HVAC sales, plumbing; industrial pipes, valves and fittings; electrical; and turf irrigation.

“These great companies delivered exceptional performance in 2014 and were instrumental in the double-digit growth we achieved overall in 2014,” said WinWholesale Chief Operating Officer Monte Salsman. “We are excited to recognize great companies for their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to creating loyal and profitable customers.”

Ohio-based Win Group owns 560 companies, each of which is independently operated with support from WinWholesale.