A survey of chief financial officers shows many of them expect 2015 to be a good year.

The results come from the most recent Group CFO Survey from Prime Advantage, a buying group for midsize manufacturers.

Among the highlights:

?67 percent of respondents say they are working on developing new products.

?93 percent of financial executives are expecting their industry to grow or remain steady. This figure is slight drop from 2014, officials added.

?96 percent of respondents said they were looking to invest in new equipment.

?To reduce health care costs, 55 percent of member companies said they were instituting preventive programs.

 “In the race to achieve 2015 growth goals, our members and endorsed suppliers are strapping on their mental hardhats and crafting inventive solutions with inspired business strategies on a daily basis,” said Louise O’Sullivan, founder, president and CEO of Prime Advantage. “Our members are leveraging digital tools, additive manufacturing and other advancements to operate more efficiently while building superior products. We are relentlessly dedicated to helping our members and endorsed suppliers achieve continued success and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for all of us.”