Ductmate® Industries Inc. and Heating and Cooling Products announced that they have entered into an agreement, which grants Heating and Cooling Products a license to Ductmate’s GreenSeam® and GreenSeam+ patents. 

Ductmate is pleased to have signed an agreement with such a well-respected organization and looks forward to working with the Heating and Cooling Products to increase adoption of Ductmate’s innovative sealing technology.  

Heating and Cooling will continue to offer its own TotalSeal system and products to the market.     

Ductmate Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer of heating ventilation and air conditioning components for the commercial building market.  Founded in 1978, the organization has continued to develop and patent HVAC solutions which improve HVAC system efficiency and indoor air quality.  

Ductmate’s patented GreenSeam® and GreenSeam+ product lines provide a factory sealed solution for low pressure duct systems which are found in both commercial and residential buildings.  These low pressure systems often leak between 15 percent  to 20 percent of the conditioned air prior to reaching the diffuser.  Ductmate’s GreenSeam+ pipe and fittings system eliminates leakage and provides a factory sealed system with little or no additional sealing required after installation.  For more information on Ductmate’s products, please visit www.ductmate.com or call (800) 245-3188.

Heating & Cooling Products manufactures and distributes superior quality sheet metal products including pipe, elbows, boots, rectangular duct, duct fittings, wall stack, oval, black stove pipe and fittings, spiral pipe, spiral PVC pipe and fittings for the HVAC professional wholesale industry.  These products serve the residential, multi family, and commercial HVAC markets.

TotalSeal™ is a fully sealed pipe, duct and fittings system which is sealed on the transverse and the longitudinal Seams virtually eliminating the need for manual sealing of the system with tape and mastics. TotalSeal™ exceeds SMACNA Class 3 leakage standards and is available for residential and commercial applications. TotalSeal™ delivers a sealed system without the labor cost associated with the use of tape and mastics needed to seal standard pipe, duct and fittings.