Emerson Climate Technologies will expand its use of refrigerants made from carbon dioxide as part of its green HVAC initiatives, the company announced at a recent roundtable discussion at the White House.

It will also launch a line of compressors and controls to the HVAC market that are energy efficient and emit fewer greenhouse gases, the company said.

“Emerson is proud to be among the businesses here today leading these important issues and developing technologies that are not only more energy efficient, but also decrease global warming potentials (GWP),” Purvis said. “Our pledge to lower GWP and increase efficiency in many of our products can be seen in our new initiatives and investments throughout the next year.

“Beyond government directives and standards, our industry has been demonstrating stewardship that makes a difference,” Purvis continued. “The scope of our new initiatives and investments in multiple channels, products and market verticals demonstrates Emerson’s leadership in environmental stewardship, efficiency and innovation. This industry as a whole also has a proven track record of collaborating with the government while working with our industry partners to determine the best sustainable practices going forward to meet growing customer demands.”