The Mechanical Contractors Association of America now offers a video that explains how to avoid shocks, burns and other injuries from arc welding sheet metal work.

“Electric arc welding is so commonplace in the mechanical construction industry that it’s easy for affected workers to forget about the hazards associated with the electric arc welding process,” said Tom Skaggs, chairman of MCAA’s Safety and Health Committee and mice president of safety for the Murphy Co., a ductwork fabrication company with four locations.

The video, “Avoid the Path: Electric Arc Welding Safety” lists the safety habits that can prevent welding injuries.

“Failure to follow safe work practices can result in devastating injuries,” notes MCAA Director of Safety and Health Pete Chaney. “This new training will remind workers of the importance of following safe work practices when performing electric arc welding.”

 The video is available for download by MCAA members at