Which would you rather control: the TV remote or room thermostat?

If you’re like a lot of the people who took part in a recent survey for Honeywell, it’s the one on the wall.

In a Ipsos Reid survey of 4,648 conducted for the HVAC market manufacturer to promote its new Wi-Fi-enabled “smart” thermostat, residents of 12 states — Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, California, Missouri and Illinois   — said they are more likely to argue over a room’s temperature than who gets to change channels on the television. And almost one in three people in those states will change the temperature when no one is looking. Only 16 percent said they’ll grab the remote. 

Thirty percent of respondents said they can never agree on a temperature, which is why 27 percent admit they change it when they can. 

The problem is especially acute for those ages 18-34, with 37 percent saying they argue over the issue and 39 percent admitting they change the temperature setting when no one is looking, according to the poll. Couples with children are also more likely to disagree over where to set the thermostat, Honeywell said.