May and June are peak seasons for moving — and the ideal time to remind new homeowners of the importance of HVAC construction maintenance, according to Rotobrush International.

Lane Jeffryes, CEO and president of the indoor air quality products company, said in the excitement of a move, the state of an air-conditioning system can be overlooked.

“Homeowners have a lot on their mind as they start remodeling or moving into a new or existing home,” Jeffryes said. “It’s important that they feel comfortable in their new living space and part of that comfort is indoor air quality.”

With newly built homes, the ductwork fabrication and HVAC construction process can leave debris in the system. This offers an opportunity for HVAC sales contractors, Jeffryes said.

He recommends giving homeowners a maintenance schedule with this checklist:

  • Annually tune up your heating and cooling system.
  • Regularly check the furnace filter and replace when there is visible dirt and ask how often your contractor recommends changing it.
  • See if free energy audits are available to ensure your home is running efficiently.
  • Hire a professional to clean your air ducts.