Allied Air Enterprises Inc. has introduced a single-stage, 5-ton air conditioner to the HVAC market under its AirEase brand.

The unit, available with seasonal energy-efficiency ratings ranging from 14 to 16, qualities for many rebates and incentives that will save homeowners money on their utility bills, officials say.

“A rebate-eligible 14-SEER, 5-ton air conditioner is a natural addition to our cooling line and gives our dealers an opportunity to build their business with a more complete portfolio of products,” said senior product manager Trent Davis. “Dealers will be able to offer homeowners an affordable, high-quality option with higher SEER performance that can lower utility costs and may qualify customers for energy rebates and other local incentives that help to save money.”

For distributors, the unit will help attract new contractor customers, since it allows them to have HVAC sales with fully matched systems, AirEase officials said.

“Our goal is to ensure our dealers have a competitive advantage in the market,” said residential brand manager Becca Kingery. “In addition to developing new products, we provide our dealers with a wide array of support that includes comprehensive marketing programs and strong technical training to make AirEase products easier to sell and install.”