Word that the U.S. economy added 203,000 jobs in November, reducing the national unemployment rate to 7 percent, led to BlueGreen Alliance to call for infrastructure spending to further boost the economy.

“This is the kind of economic progress that’s a credit to the hard-working people across the country who day in and day out want to continue to see the U.S. economy come out on top,” said alliance Executive Director David Foster. “Their skills and innovative spirit have paved the way forward, but we must continue to invest in workers, their families and communities if we hope to sustain our recovery.

“When the building blocks of the economy are stronger—when unemployment is shrinking and the manufacturing sector is growing—we all win,” he said. “Growth in the manufacturing sector of 27,000 jobs and the construction sector of 17,000 jobs especially have shown we’re building a stronger foundation every day.”

The BlueGreen Alliance is a group made up of organized labor and environmental groups. The Sheet Metal Workers union is a member.