Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. has introduced the Copeland Scroll ZPKA Compressor for 1.5- to 2-ton residential uses.

Engineered for optimum performance in uses below 24,000 Btus, it is ideal for homes, apartments, small offices and shops.

 “The Copeland Scroll ZPKA compressor offers value to homeowners by delivering increased efficiency and enhanced performance while reducing the overall system cost for manufacturers,” said Frank Landwehr, vice president of marketing and planning for Emerson Climate Technologies air-conditioning business. “The three new Copeland Scroll compressor models (ZP14KA, ZP16KA and ZP20KA) are a valuable addition to our current residential air conditioning lineup. With the improved efficiency and reliability of these new small displacements Emerson will offer more value in these small residential applications.”

 Production started in July and all models should be available by December, officials said.