Canadian technology company Ecobee has launched an application programming interface that allows developers to create programs that work with its line of Internet-enabled thermostats.

Ecobee’s API platform enables an active community of forward thinkers to build the next generation of connected home applications. Our customers will benefit from a wide range of convenient solutions that will simplify their lives,” said company President and CEO Stuart Lombard.

Several companies have already started creating apps, including Mi Casa Verde, SmartThings, the UBI, Earth Networks, Integral Analytics, Auto Grid, Energy Sherlock and MMB Research Solutions.

“SmartThingsis focused on making the world smarter through our open platform and we are passionate about working with open APIs, like those launched today for Ecobee’s smart thermostat, to further prove the role developers and inventors play in the Internet of Things,” said Alex Hawkinson, founder and CEO of SmartThings. “This integration allows consumers to effortlessly control their Ecobee thermostats through the SmartThings platform.”

More information on the platform is available at