As the Obama administration marks the anniversary of its landmark health care overhaul, the Associated Builders and Contractors says its members are as confused as ever.

In January 2014, many of the rules governing what company-provided health insurance must cover and cost workers take effect. But ABC Vice President of Government Affairs Geoff Burr said many of his members still don’t know just what is expected of them.

The association opposed the Affordable Care Act.

“ABC members have major concerns about how to implement the employer-mandate provisions of the health care law,” Burr said. “The provisions are complex and confusing, and significant employer education is needed. Because the health care law forces employers to offer government-prescribed health insurance, ABC members will no longer have the choice or flexibility to structure health care coverage options that meet the needs of their fluctuating workforce. The resulting increased costs will jeopardize the ability of ABC member companies to maintain affordable coverage options for their employees and force some to drop coverage altogether.”

The health care law will add to contractors’ tax burden while doing little to improve care, he added.

“Providing quality health care benefits is a top priority for ABC and its member companies,” Burr said. “ABC believes true reform should provide greater choice and affordability and allow private insurers to compete for business. Unfortunately, the health care law fails to lower costs while imposing new taxes, as well as costly and burdensome federal government mandates on the construction industry.”