HVAC tool and equipment maker Hilmor is embarking on a U.S. tour, sending six vehicles stocked with its products across the country.

Staffed by the ReTool team, the customized vehicles will stop at distributors, trade shows and vocational schools, explaining the benefits and allowing contractors and students to try them out.

“Before we launched the Hilmor line of products, our researchers spent a lot of time with HVACR technicians, gaining many valuable insights about gaps in the tool market,” said Emily Bavaro, the company’s marketing director. “We also learned technicians need to touch, test and see new products before making such significant investments, which led to the development of the ReTool team.”

The vehicles operate as mobile test stations, allowing visitors at each stop to see and use products such as an aluminum manifold, electronic gauge with vacuum sensor, a dual-readout thermometer with thermocouple clamps, a compact bender, swage tool and a quick-engaging flare and swage.   

“Based on our focus group research, we know once technicians have these tools in their hands, they’ll be seeking them out,” Bavaro said. “We’re also excited about the ReTool team serving as a resource for technicians and keeping the lines of communication open with them as we get these tools into their hands and continue expanding our line.”

Anyone interested in having Hilmor visit their facility can email sales@hilmor.com.