Duct cleaning equipment manufacturer Rotobrush International LLC is joining with portable insulation machine maker Intec.

The companies will offer training on each others’ equipment and Intec will offer discounts on Rotobrush machines.

“This partnership is a natural fit and creates excellent opportunities for both company’s clients,” said Lane Jeffryes, CEO and president of Rotobrush. “We know the importance of contractors offering multiple services to stay competitive in today’s market, and what better way for clients to surpass their competition than by offering both air-duct cleaning and insulation blowing with quality machines from manufacturers they know they can trust.”

 Ray Lavallee, president and owner of Intec, said the reasons for the partnership were straightforward.

"This is simply two industry leaders with excellent reputations in their respective markets coming together to help clients expand and grow their businesses,” he said. “Both Rotobrush and Intec offer contractors training for these machines, so it’s also matter of working together to ensure contractors are receiving the tools they need to become successful.”