Autodesk Inc. has introduced Autodesk Simulation 360, a “cloud” based software suite that the company says allows any firm to use the simulation process.

By performing major simulation tasks in the Internet-based cloud, designers and engineers can test scenarios without the need for expensive specialized hardware, according to Autodesk.

“The ability to run multiple simulation studies in the cloud, in the same time as a typical singular simulation study with single variables, really opens up the game for us by helping us understand much more of the system in a shorter amount of time,” said Matt Nowicki, senior product engineer at BioLite Inc. “It’s impressive how easy, valuable and seamless simulating in the cloud can be for a company such as ours.”

Darryl McClelland, BIM and virtual design manager at Heapy Engineering, agreed.

“Our customers can now visualize building comfort before the project is constructed. This enables them to make more informed decisions pertaining to project costs and lets them evaluate system and energy trade-offs as well. Providing this type of service helps distinguish us from our competition,” he said.


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