The ACCA celebrated a new first. The contractor organization wrapped up its first-ever Hydronics Roundtable Sept. 11-12 in Providence, R.I.

According to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, the new event drew contractors from across the country to spend two days learning from leaders in the radiant and hydronics industry. The event kicked off with an opening session with Richard Trethewey from the PBS-TV series “This Old House.”

Trethewey talked about the need for contractors to incorporate radiant and low-temperature hydronics technology in their designs. He shared his experiences of being a fourth generation contractor and how he has used his time on “This Old House” to spread the benefits of hydronics to the country while promoting emerging technologies.

Following the opening session, attendees had a choice of educational sessions that covered both introductory and intermediate/advanced topics. There were 12 sessions held over the day and a half event.

The event closed out with a panel discussion about the future of hydronics in America. The panel was moderated by Dan Foley of Foley Mechanical and panelists included Greg Jannone of William Jannone & Sons; John Siegenthaler of Appropriate Designs; Robert Bean of Healthy Heating; and Bob Rohr of Caleffi.

The ACCA said that attendees indicated this new event was worth the investment because they were able to learn from some of the top industry experts and network with other contractors who work in the radiant and hydronics field.

“This meeting was very informative, I learned a lot and was glad to see some of the best manufacturers around,” said Chris Erdle of Sovereign Service in Laurel, Md. “It was a good experience for me.”