The National Association of Home Builders praised the Republican Party’s platform-drafting committee for calling for the continuation of the home mortgage interest deduction.

"We are very pleased that the committee has recognized the crucial importance of the mortgage interest deduction," said NAHB Chief Executive Officer Jerry Howard. "At a time when so many are struggling to recover from the recession, this action helps cement much-needed political support for a tax break that primarily benefits middle-income families."

According to a January NAHB-commissioned survey, 77 percent of Republicans, 71 percent of Democrats and 71 percent of independent voters oppose eliminating the mortgage interest tax deduction.

"Middle-class voters have seen their household wealth decline throughout the recession, and to a large extent they are the ones who will decide the outcome of this election," Howard said. "They are also the prime beneficiaries of the mortgage interest deduction. With this in mind, it seems obvious that maintaining this cornerstone of American housing policy should be among lawmakers' primary goals."

The GOP’s final 2012 platform will be adopted during its Aug. 27-30 national convention in Tampa, Fla.