North American Technician Excellence has been accredited by the American National Standards Institute, NATE officials announced.

Officials with NATE were excited about the development.

“The entire NATE family has spent countless hours working towards this accomplishment, and we could not be more proud that NATE has achieved ANSI accreditation,” said Peter Schwartz, NATE president and CEO.  “ANSI accreditation validates NATE’s ongoing commitment to meeting the highest professional standards of examination development, further establishing NATE as an unrivaled certification body in the HVACR certification arena.”

Don Frendberg, NATE board chairman, said the approval proves the value of the program.

“NATE is the only certification organization developed and supported by the entire HVACR industry, and this impressive achievement exemplifies why NATE is the true leader in certifying technician excellence,” he said.

The association applied for certification with ANSI in early 2011. Approval was granted in December.